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About us

The Latteria is a historic location in Positano, which saw the light of day thanks to the efforts of our family in 1955 with the function of dairy. Over the years, the Latteria became more and more a reference for the town of Positano for tasty and first-rate products. Since 1991 due to state laws, the production of dairy products has come to a halt, given the location in the heart of the seaside town. The resale of dairy products, however, never stopped, delighting the residents of Positano and its surroundings as well as tourists from all over the world, until today.

A new page in our history

Since 2023 the Latteria has been embarking on a new course.
Building on our history of producing and reselling dairy products that have enamored the whole world, we want our visitors to experience the excitement of typical Campanian cuisine in all its facets. That is why Latteria has been converted into a wonderful location for cooking classes. Although we are no longer open for resale to the public, customers at our cooking classes will be able to choose in the storefront to purchase Italian enogatronomic delicacies from an assortment of typical cheeses and wines, locally produced jams and limoncello, and the famous Gragnano pasta.

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